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Coming to you for a change



Fleet maintenance is vital to keeping your business moving and operating. Don’t waste time and money sending your employees to a “quick lube”. Each trip for an oil change takes your employee at least an hour. The actual cost of the oil change can more than double when all costs are considered. Take a look at what it cost:

“Quick lube” oil change $ 40.00
One hour of employee time $ 17.00
Lost billable time   $ 65.00
Total cost $ 122.00

Total cost to have your employee to take your vehicle in for service is $122.00 or more.


With Fleet Mobile Services coming to you for a change, we can truly pay for an oil change. We will schedule a time to come to your site and maintain your fleet; saving you time and money. We will regularly perform oil changes and maintenacne services as needed according to manufatures recommendations while your vehicles are sitting idel.  This will allow your team to focus on the things they do best. Let us help increase your companies productivity and efficency.

Keeping records is an essential part of maintaining of a good fleet. Fleet Mobile Services will keep maintenance records of your fleet.  When services are coming due, we can notify you and perform the service on our next scheduled visit. This will help reduce down time of your fleet.

Reasons for choosing Fleet Mobile Services to maintain your fleet:

  • Consistent Service Tech who will know each of your vehicles
  • Keep you and your employees focused on your business not your fleet
  • Increase porductivity and billable hours
  • Decrease maintenance costs

 Give us a call today to schedule and appointment to see how we can service your fleet and start saving you money.