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Coming to you for a change


Fleet Mobile Services, LLC services the Portland Metro and surrounding area and is locally owned and operated.

I am Marco Hancock, and I am the owner/technician that will service your needs.  Fleet Mobile Services is a full service fleet and auto maintenance company where I come to you for a change.  I believe that your time is extremely valuable. So, instead of making you wait in lines or waiting rooms and twiddle your thumbs while you get your car serviced, I will come to your site and service your vehicle.  You can work, play with the kids, or whatever is tickles your fancy, and I will maintain your vehicle on your site at your convenience.

Because I will be the one that comes and services your vehicle every time, I will come to know your vehicle in ways that most other shops will never have an opportunity to.  This knowledge and relationship will enable me to more quickly and easily identify potential concerns and provide you with information to actively resolve issues before the become bigger problems.

Our staff will keep detailed records of your maintenace history including the date, mileage and work performed for each time we service your vehicle.  That way we always know what has been done and what needs are coming up and can inform you.  Also, if you ever have a question about your service history, we can easily look it up and provide you the information that you need. 

We are here to service YOUR needs.  One of our primary goals is customer satisfaction.  Take the opportunity to schedule an appointment.

We are fully licensed and insured.